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Minimizing Thunderstorm Damage

Summer is high time for severe thunderstorms which can cause damage to owned buildings from strong winds, rains, lighting and sometimes even hail. According to the National Weather Service, there are 40,000 thunderstorm occurrences each day world-wide or 14.6 million every year. Below are a few of the steps that can be taken to help prevent damage from thunderstorms:

  • Install lightening rods in buildings. Contract an electrician to determine if your building would benefit from lightening rods and if so then have the electrician property install as many as are needed.
  • Dead branches are hazardous during high winds and if they break loose can cause damage to buildings or other property.
  • Have on hand extra batteries, flashlights and a transistor radio in case there is an extended power outage.
  • An entire building surge protector is ideal, but at a minimum all high priced electronic equipment (computers, sound boards, copiers, etc) should be plugged into surge protectors which can be easily purchased from a local hardware store.
  • During a storm stay off all land line phones as the lightning can come through the phone line. Also, shut down as much electrical equipment as possible, especially air conditioners, as a lightning strike can produce a power surge which can overload circuits and damage the equipment. In the event of a power outage this precaution should also be taken as when power is restored a power surge can occur which also can overload circuits.
The items mentioned above are the minimum steps that should be taken to help prevent property damage from thunderstorms. Additionally, individuals should remain inside and listen to local news reports regarding potential flooding and other dangerous conditions.