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Summer Precautions for Your Art Collection

As the heat index rises, collectors need to take extra precautions to ensure the protection of their works of art. Potential for canvas distortion, paint flaking, mold growths and expansion/contraction dangers increase as temperatures and humidity soar throughout the summer months. 

Tips for preserving fine arts & furniture:
  • Keep the heat index constant, around 65-75 degrees with 55%-65% relative humidity
  • Do not turn of air conditioning when gone for long periods of time
  • Frame your art with museum quality materials by a professional art hanger
  • Install water alert sensors in the areas that are prone to water infiltration 
  • When a room is not in use, draw the blinds, curtains or shades and turn off the lights to create a dark, cool environment
  • Do not store fine art in your basement where it can be exposed to dramatically temperature fluctuations, floods and leaks
By implementing these helpful recommendations, you can help reduce the risk of a catastrophic loss to your collection and secure the passage of these pieces to future generations.